This game called life: A random musing.

One of the joys of growing up as a little town boy is that you appreciate the seemingly little and sometimes awkward things in life. One of such for me was playing the Mario Bros game. In his world, Mario is the main character in the way we are; stages and phases. Mario is always trying to get something, get away from something or get into something. This is life. Mario’s life is an adventure in pursuit of goals. Life becomes a thoughtless abyss without goals. He has a minimum of three lives and in rare encounters, he even has the chance of gaining more; I figure that this must be one of the grandest illusions as we only live once or don’t we? Well, some of us have had several chances, haven’t we?


Many don’t believe in God and that is fine; we all get to choose who or what to believe. But wait a minute, what if Mario had a life of its own? Imagine if Mario could make his own decisions without someone running his life? The Mario version I played had a feature where you could observe the computer play; in one sense, you could watch Mario play. Very few things are as amazing as seeing Mario try to go at life on his own. The idea of freedom is so sweet isn’t it? Such liberty is pure beauty isn’t it? Yet, there are consequences so far reaching.


The way I see it, we are like Mario in many ways; we are always playing a role.This is a matter of perspective.

Femi Oni

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