The rise of self

“Unbridled liberty is the abode of doom”.

Elliot day of retribution.
Times are changing. Never has there been a time like this when knowledge seems to be in such huge abundance. Indeed, our challenge today is not the lack of information but the very superfluous nature of it. We have too much to deal with. Way to much to handle. There was a time when it took days for new-borns to open their eyes after birth. Not anymore. These days, they come aware. Eyes wide open. Even worse is how once celebrated virtues of chastity is being scorned at. I heard of a young man who recently took the lives of six others including his own because (according to his own suicide novel), he was tired of being a virgin at 22. Now, someone would say that this event is isolated. That, it has got nothing to do with anything. Man is forever in pursuit of meaning.

For centuries (period before and after the age of enlightenment), we have sought to define the purpose of our existence. We have turned to many things (technology and religion included) to find that meaning. The futility of this search yet again stare us in the face. So what do we do? We have now turned to self. This is the age of self. Its not just us taking selfies. This goes beyond males wanting to marry males. Females demanding same. This is not about the shift in retail landscape which has led to mass customization. These pockets of events are mere shadow of what is to come.  By the end of this decade, man will become his own God. A show of shame for free moral agents. Marvel not at my words. It is not sacrilege. I blaspheme not. These things are bound to happen. This is purely ecclesiastical. Perhaps prophetic.

The illusion of freedom.
I want to believe that the reader of this post is familiar with the timeless illusions that permeates the human existence. One of such is explained by the colloquial interpretation of truth and everything that look like it. Its enraptured in that cliché “the more you look, the less you see“. Everything in life is relative. There exists a thin line between too much and too little. This wisdom elude many men who pedal the path of sufficiency. You wonder why the needs of men are so insatiable. Conquering to conquer yet again. The taste of defeat no one can seem to bear. We want it all. We want it now. A wild fire begins with a strike. Riches can grow wings and fly away. Freedom can become a curse. Power is nothing without control. Unbridled liberty is the abode of doom. Woe betide us if we lose touch with who we are. We will die like mere mortals even though we are gods. For a generation whose thirst for expression knows no end, may we not trade away our humanity on the ignoble altar of self. It is difficult to say for sure why the crusade for and against gun ownership has become such a notorious story in the United State of America (USA). I wonder why suddenly there is a heightened awareness about it. Listen to both sides of the divide, you are bound to reason. If I were to exercise my right of commentary on this, I would do so by asking a question: What is the TRUTH about gun ownership?

The veil upon us.
A certain gentleman of my acquaintance recently shared a deeply profound thought on his Facebook page. In retrospect, it reminded me yet again the frailty of the human existence. The masses of our people know next to nothing. Through the lens of conspiracy theory, it makes perfect sense to question the rationale behind everything. Things are not always what they seem. Are they? I set out to write this post as a therapy. Doing this (ranting here) is personally soul cleansing for me. Its how I sieve my thoughts and focus my curiosity.  I conclude this post by citing that profound thought below:

Whenever there is a huge outcry against a person or an issue, experience shows that 99% of the time, it is sponsored- directly or indirectly. The same for trending topics and huge followings. Let no one deceive you – there are no spontaneous revolutions, no random Arab springs. It’s all about interests. Someone incites, another provides the platform (usually the media) and the masses take the bait. So before you jump on the next trending hashtag, be sure to check the facts – that you’re not a pawn in someone else’s game.

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