The merchants of doom have nothing on us.

So, its cliché that our nation is sick. You can imagine what that makes us. The wall of peace has been ruptured. Innocent blood is being wasted. Cynics and naysayers have never had a better day. We have become an international news item for the wrong reasons. Bet you don’t even know that some are profiting from our misery? No! I won’t go there. There will be no room for such rhetoric. Not today! They say it takes a nation of fools to be governed by idiots. We have all failed as a people.

The problem with us is simple. We are our own biggest enemy. Yes! That’s right. I read in Late. Obafemi Awolowo’s Words of Wisdom (a publication of his speeches) where he called the attention of the leaders of that day to this now sinister implosion. There is enough blame to go round but that’s not the point. We were always a time bomb. Still on us, don’t you marvel at our wanton negligence and ignorance as a people?

1. How many of us know who our Local Government Chairman is?
2. How many of us care to know who the counselor of his area is?
3. How many Churches and Mosques are playing their God-given role?

So, what must we do now?
A. How about we actually begin to demand accountability from ourselves and those who claim to be leaders? I am talking of real affirmative action. Upper Volta (Burkina Faso) style. Accountability MUST be demanded!

B. Imagine if Churches and Mosques instead of perpetuating grandiose agenda of new universities and permanent sites actually begin to play active social orientation role? I am talking of us quitting being religious and actually enthrone righteousness. I am talking of us being moderate in our ways. I am talking of Churches & Mosques not taking a break. What’s the idea of being active on weekends (Fridays and Sundays) anyways? God is not interested in our selfish ambitions. The life of men is what compels him.

C. Consider what will happen if a sizable number of us decide to practice what we preach, get involved and embrace a lifestyle of crusade.

‪#‎Nigeria‬ will become the best place to live and do business. This nation will rise above the debilitating challenges.


Femi Oni

Femi’s overarching purpose is to inspire brands (individuals, organisations and nations) to unlock potentials to achieve sustainable growth and impact. His mission is to mentor 1000 brands in Africa and beyond by 2025.

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