The Fall of a Pride: Thoughts on humanity’s final days.


Pride comes before destruction, and an arrogant spirit before a fall.


Who-is-GodIf God was not. Let us pretend for a moment that there is no God. That the world came to be without the role of the divine being. That we are here because of a Big Bang. That everything we see; all the splendor of it was an accident. That there is no life after death. Does it end here? It would mean that the Bible, Quran and others are bunch of lies, fictions, pigments of people’s imagination and a conspiracy. Is that the case? It would mean unequivocally that Christians, Muslims and others are silly hot heads. Are they? This would mean a final burial of religion wouldn’t it?. Indeed, it would also mean that there are no consequences and no reckoning. This writer opines very strongly that God is.


Who is God? Where is He? Why God?


God-is-11God is. He is the King. We are His subjects. He is the Governor among the nations. He is not an idea. We are His idea. He is not a concept. He conceived us in love. We don’t make Him. He made us. He doesn’t need us to be. We need Him; that’s how we be. He is our father. We are His children. Heaven is His throne. The earth is His footstool. The abundance of the things we have will never replace Him; nothing can. There is a piece of Him in us. There is no decoding Him. There is no explaining Him. There is no logic to Him. There is no end to His wisdom. No end to His power. He was, is and is to come. Call Him Jehovah.


God is King. We are His subjects. He is not a concept. He conceived us in love. He was, is and is to come.


prison460Of laws and consequences. So why do we as humans make laws? Why do we send murderers, thieves and other perpetrators of crimes to prisons? Why do we sentence people who take the life of others for manslaughter even when they claim to do so in the name of self defense? Why do we have laws?  Aren’t laws limits we set to maintain sanity? Imagine a society without laws? At this very moment, there are millions of people who are locked behind the walls of correction facilities. Many of them without the chance of parole. Once upon a time, they made a decision that changed their lives forever. They said to themselves “No one can tell me what I can or cannot do” but soon realized the error of their choices. For these people, liberty has a totally different meaning. When you are in a place where all you get to do is what you are told to do, liberty surely has a different meaning.


Aren’t laws the limits we set to maintain sanity in the society?


hypocrisy1New age hypocrisy. I am amazed at the hypocrisy that pervades the human experience. This hypocrisy is everywhere you look. Its not so much of the things we say but fail to do but how our actions contradict us. Think about it. Consider for a minute a law that defines the legal age of every human being as 18. This law suggests that anybody below the age of Eighteen is a minor. This means for instance that as a 27 years old, it is illegal to have a sexual relationship with a seventeen year old. To have a sexual relationship with a minor is to become a pedophile and pedophilia is not only frowned at by the society but it is is criminal act. So, how do you reconcile when we turn around and say that fifteen year old minors are legal to take sex pills? How many times have people swallowed their words on the ignoble altar of vanity? I am talking about the best of us going against the very things they swore to believe in? What about Politicians who deny the values they swore to defend in the name of popularity? What about us? Don’t we all go against the grain? Don’t we all make choices that establish our folly? How many times do we do things just to look good before other people but in our inner closet we stink? How many times do we say things that betray our convictions in the name of approval from others? How many times have we attempted to reason out the things we can’t possibly explain? How many times do we mystify the things we have no clue of? Isn’t atheism a failed attempt to explain God?


The lies that we tell ourselves. The dirt that we cover from others. The arrogance that consumes us. All of us.


25796fc5ed95d3d4f44bf6897eb6cf19The end of this age. We are nothing but pencils in the hands of the Almighty. Oh! What manner of love has the Father bestowed on us? That we are called the Children of the Most High God? It is the conviction of this writer to assert that humanity is doomed. Our arrogance is our ultimate downfall. Our failed attempts to reason out our existence and the futile routes that we follow. Our failure to recognize how infinitesimally insignificant we are in the scheme of things. Our pride is our destruction. Our failure to accept that we are not all that. Our actions that suggests that there is no God. Our selfish and lustful pursuits of vanity and myopia. Our rejection of the love of the One who made us. The rejection of the Truth, the Way and the Life. There comes the day when every man will account for his life. Arrogance is a very destructive tendency. There is only so much of it needed beyond which one becomes a victim of ones own folly. We are nothing but pencil in the hand of the creator. This is the Super Story and it is a parable.


We are nothing but pencil in the hand of the Almighty.

Femi Oni

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