Thou shall not conform

  Differentiate or Die (Jack Trout) A short history of business and a quick reality check. As the late Steve Paul Jobs said “You cannot connect the dots looking forward. It is by looking backward that we make sense of the world in which we live”. The only way we earn the moral right to […]

This one thing

  Prologue Having vision and mission statement(s) has become such a cliché. Now, everyone makes it a point of duty to articulate them. Ask any business executive saddled with the responsibility of leading a business or any organisation what the greatest challenge is. The response you’ll get depends largely on a number of factors ranging from industry, segment, stage e.t.c. From […]

Putting God First

  Purpose is greater than strategy- Kurt Oellermann   My sincere apologies to the religious types because this piece has got nothing to do with organised religion. It certainly has nothing to do with “tithes” and “offerings” nor any of those sanctimonious talk. My intention here is to establish once and for all why putting God first […]