The future of Education: Produce or Perish!

There is this big question around the viability of new models of delivering learning. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) as they are called provide digital educational contents to interested learners mostly FREE or at ridiculously cheap prices if at all. Examples are Udacity, Coursera, MIT Open Courseware who deliver learning via online channels. I took […]

Melting Moments

  Prologue I recently took two weeks’ vacation away from work. This is the first truly leisure vacation since coming to Lagos in February 2008 and as you can imagine, the experience has been surreal to say the least. In the two weeks which ends today, I have had a taste of a different life […]

The future of Africa

  By the instrumentality of collective faith and work, Africa will become the best place to live and do business” — Femi Oni   Prologue This is a clarion call. The purpose of this thought piece is to consider the knotty issue surrounding the future of Africa. For a continent that is home to the […]