Spiritocracy: A call to humanity

 A nation is first a spiritual entity.

I have often wondered why inspite of diverse religious practices, the pain in the world seems to be on the increase. A few days ago, a dozen human lives were massacred and scored terribly injured in Paris, France by a group of people who believe their job is to “fight for God”. According to statistics published on the personal blog of Bill Gates, man ranks as one of the deadliest animal second only to Mosquito. In my home country (Nigeria), many lives have been wasted while many more have been displaced. Corruption is a plaque ravaging the nation while impunity is the order of the day. Poverty has become a mainstay and statistics such as “70% of Nigerians live on less than  $2” mean absolutely nothing. Churches are moving to permanent sites. Mosques are expanding. The nation is suffering. The world has never been this unstable. So what is the way forward?

What is Spiritocracy?
A nation is first a spiritual entity. That’s what I have said for the last seven years of my adult life. Every time I say this, many shrug it off as a religious blab. I believe that spirituality is the embodiment of virtues. I intend to unpack this concept howbeit elementary in this piece. Spirituality is a virtuous state of submitting to certain hallowed principles. Principles such as:

HONESTY: Having sincerity of purpose and staying true to one’s self. To be honest is to be spiritual.

PATIENCE. To be willing to wait. Take turns because it is the right thing to do. To be patient is to be spiritual.

LOVE. To choose to treat others as you want to be treated because it is right. To see others through the lens of love is spiritual.

KINDNESS. To gently treat others. To show concern for others at all times. To apply tenderness is to be spiritual.

PEACE. To resolve conflicts. To bury hatchets. To dwell with other people without rancor. This is spiritual.

There are more…

Forbearance, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

All these are spiritual virtues.

Every time we condemn the so-called corrupt and inept leaders, what we really desire are the spiritual virtues. Every time we condemn acts of violence inflicted by mindless species of humankind, we confirm the dearth of spiritual maturity. There is nothing religious about this. There you have it. When I ask “Is this so and so person spiritual?”, I’m not asking if they go to Church/Mosque/Shrine. Religion is not involved.

Femi Oni

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