A brand is a culturally relevant idea.


Nigeria is not just a collection of people. It is beyond a geographical arrangement. It is an idea premised on an aspiration to build a society where love reigns. MyNigerianDream is a creed of people who are poised to building a society of great virtues. Nigeria will become a desirable place to live and do business.

MyNigerianDream is a movement of people who are committed to the transformation of Nigeria. This initiative was envisioned in the year 2013 as a platform for advancing the conversation of Nigeria becoming a formidable nation and an influential nation in the global committee of nations.

Mission: To raise catalysts and patriots who are committed to building Nigeria.
Tagline: Do the right thing.

Role: Founder/Visioner

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genesaretGennesaret Development Foundation
Gennesaret Development Foundation is a non-profit entity which seeks to contribute to economic growth and human development in Africa.

Gennesaret Development Foundation was founded by the amiable Olaolu Olaleye. Femi Oni was a founding Board Member in charge of Strategy and Culture where he worked alongside other young professionals.

Vision: To create a formidable platform where revolutionary ideas are birthed and nurtured, where private inputs towards advancing economic growth and human development take a significant stand across various levels in our society.

Role: Director, Strategy & Culture

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