MORE: Unlocking the potential of individuals, organisations and nations

Every human being irrespective of their circumstances and proclivities possess the potential to be MORE. This book is for anyone that is tired of being ordinary. It is for anyone that is curious about finding the keys to unlocking their own potential and the world they live in.


For thousands of years, humanity has sought for meaning. Wars have been fought; victors and losers have emerged at different times. Civilizations have come and gone yet the quest remains in the heart of individuals, organisations and nations. The relentless pursuit of more is at the center of everything that humanity strives for. There is absolutely no question that all of us have this instinct for more. Fishes are made to swim, birds are made to fly and human beings are made to BE

This book is for anyone who is interested in maximising productivity (do more with less, get more from less) at the highest level possible. It addresses the concerns of anyone who is tired of the curse of sameness that threatens to reduce human beings to ordinary biological specimens. The curse of sameness breeds poverty, mediocrity, greed and all other vices that plague the human society today. Nevertheless, there is a seed of greatness in every human being yearning for expression and the truth presented in this book if applied will help individuals, organisations and nations to unlock the potential to become MORE!


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