Jesus the feminist: Thoughts on feminism

I can hear the roar of women’s silence- Thomas Sankara

I consider the wombed-man (Woman) a glorious specie. I believe that she is the ultimate incubator. Try imagining a world without the female. It would be an empty and meaningless arrangement. A doomed fate and a void existence this earth would be without her; the crown of God’s creation. Women hold up the other half of the sky. The purpose of this piece is to share my thoughts on feminism. Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies that share a common stated aim: to define, establish, and defend equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

Women equality is a disservice to the female republic.
The greatest crisis in life is identity crisis. I am yet to see a greater tragedy than what obtains currently in the popular definition of feminism. How can women be gathering to establish equality with men? It is absurd in every way. Women are not equal to men. They are greater than men. Let me unpack this very pregnant statement. Scriptural account and the mandate conferred on her by nature puts the woman in a vantage position. She is designed to be a helper. She is built to purpose to help. To help is to make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one’s services or resources. A helper is therefore one who is equipped to make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one’s services or resources. While the term help has been used primarily as a debased word, the argument here is that this is not so. There is nothing servitude about the archetype of an helper. Indeed, the only person who is qualified to help is one who is fit to. The woman is a helper because she is capable not because she is vulnerable and subservient. I hope women-folk come into this understanding.

Jesus the feminist.
This is obviously a deliberate statement so made to create an urgency. There is nothing controversial about this as you would come to see. There are several narratives that helps to establish the proper divine order of the feminist movement but I will for the purpose of this piece refer to a particularly striking instance. The insight for this came from a beautiful conversation I had with a gentleman uber-feminist acquaintance of mine who called my attention to it. His name is Niyi Ogunyemi.

Once upon a time, Jesus of Nazareth was by a well in Samaria. A certain woman came to the well with her bucket and pitcher. There ensued a conversation between the two. Jesus asked the woman to give him water. Her response was a cross between a snub and a bore. She’d rather not hold a conversation with a Jew like him. Culturally, there was no meeting point between Samaritans and Jews. The question Jesus asked her took the conversation 180 degrees away from the original theme. He (Jesus) asked her what she was doing alone at the well. This question affirms a feminist perspective on the role of women. I believe that Jesus shared in the sentiments that there are certain tasks that women are not supposed to execute. The subject of role is a strong pillar and a keen topic among feminists.

Jesus went further and addressed her most vulnerable issue. Jesus spoke circumspective and apocalyptically about her relationship. This woman by the well was living with a man who was not her husband. She was also a serial divorcee. Her life was full of struggles and she sought for meaning. She wanted freedom. She sought for liberation. Her story mirrors that of every right thinking homo sapien who seeks to advance the course of the wombed-man. Jesus represents the archetype of a feminist. His brand of feminism is radically different from the popular version that is available today. True feminism is not a rebellion. It is essentially a purposeful empowerment. To seek to establish equality of women with men is in my opinion a disservice to everything womanhood stands for. The notion of equality is tantamount to being penny wise but pound foolish. Women are not equal to men. A woman is a human. A man also.

A revolution so ripe.
Our world is in dire need of a revolution. The nature of this revolution speaks to a re-birth and a renewal of essence which transcends every aspect of our existence. The human race has made a lot of giant strides spanning many centuries but we are still far off the mark of what true progress is. The definition and hallmark of true progress is when we are able to accomplish the original design of the creator. The mind of the creator and His will is for us (men and women) to have dominion not over ourselves but on our environment and our circumstances. This is humanity’s greatest desire. The need to have dominion is our greatest need.

The revolution and women’s liberation go together. We do not talk of women’s emancipation as an act of charity or because of a surge of human compassion. It is a basic necessity for the triumph of the revolution. Women hold up the other half of the sky.- Thomas Sankara

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