A human being is a Spirit, has a Soul (mind, emotions and intellect) and lives in a Body. Individuals are the bedrock of the human society. The state of the human Soul determines the state of the society and the transformation of a society begins with the renewal of minds.

M” is a mentoring platform designed for individuals (Graduate / Undergraduate Students, Young Professionals and Job Seekers). Members will be equipped with the keys required to unlock their potential in a world that is stricken with the curse of sameness.

Purpose: Read this to discover the inspiring story of “M.

Vision: Empowering individuals to transform organisations and nations.

Mission: To empower 1000 individuals by 2025 in Africa and beyond.

Mandate: Platform members will go on to transform organisations and nations.

Benefits: Exclusive access to a world of lifestyle resources, culturally relevant products and MORE!

Tag Line: Honor Ambulo (I lead therefore I am)


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