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When a lie is repeated enough, it becomes the truth.


The best of us has failed. To overcome our human frailties, we must live a disciplined life; rule of the spirit. To master life, we must recognise our fickleness, subscribe to a higher order of living where love (the choice of treating others like we would desire to be treated) is the essential purpose of man. The life of man will fade away. His breath will cease from him. Though he seeks to immortalize himself, nothing lasts forever. All of these will pass away.

The Truth. The Beauty. The Good
A nation is first a spiritual entity. The Spiritual is that indefatigable dimension to life that is least understood because it often defies naked logic. Let me disabuse your religious mind by asserting that the Spiritual is as real as the physical. The spiritual things of this world confound even the wisest of men but we know for sure by inspiration that at a very fundamental level, man is Spirit. It is an intangible and nebulous concept. It is even mostly confused with religion. Religion is a failed attempt by man to demystify God. We know of truth that it doesn’t falter at the appearance of a fact. The acid test for truth is its ability to remain valid even in the face of dissensions. It is the little things that matter. Like, being faithful with the simple task you are given, considering the needs of others, contentment with that which you have, knowing that a good name is worth more than a bank of silver and precious goods. This is Spiritual.

That Nigeria came to be as a political experiment by the legendary British Governor General (Late Sir. Lord Lugard) is a piece of our history. It is a fact. That we are far from where we should be as a people is a fact. That the masses of our people are impoverished is a fact. That impunity reigns in the high places of power and its corridors is a fact. That majority of our leaders are inept, unprepared and lack empathy is a bedeviling fact. That we have the biggest economy in the Africa but rank high on the list of worst places to be born, is a very sad fact. That the future of this country is hitherto bleak is a scary fact. That it is easier to take a man away from the street but even harder to take the street out of him is a harsh truth that explains our predicament as a nation. We gained independence as a sovereign political entity but the after effects of slavery haunt us till today. The challenge of today’s generation is to rid ourselves of the demonizing reality that slavery creates. In our case, the effect has been debilitating. It has eroded our values (spirituality).

What we must do is to come to terms with the truth, beauty and goodness. These (truth, beauty and goodness) will liberate us. Slavery is not just the oppression of another by an external force but a state of mind. We must recognise that we are a nation sick and in need of healing. Such healing defiles placebos and palliatives. Our truth is that we are a nation ordained by God. There is a contention about our destiny. The answer to our many woes is not for everybody to become a certified critic but for us to become effective in our little corner. We are a race of highly resourceful and enterprising people. We are troopers; ever resilient. Nigerians are the most beautiful people on the planet earth. We are capable of goodness. Our challenges and failings as a people are pointers to our ability to be something else. We are more than this. Change will come but it begins with us.

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