Extravagant Love

I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me. –  Publius Terentius Afer


Love Over Hate. The antithesis of love is rightly hate. In hate culminates the totality of everything that love is not. The emotion that rises from within when we totally dislike or detest something or someone. When we have to put up with something or someone even sometimes having to pretend. The purpose of this piece is to confront that ugly loathe feeling that robs us of our joy and humanity. Yet, to hate is human and to love is divine and vice versa. Even though this may sound controversial, the truth is that hate is an emotional currency that cuts through all known existence; spiritual and physical likewise: Jacob I loved but Esau I hated.


Mirror on the wall. It wouldn’t pass for much of a confession if I submit that I am guilty of hate would it? But the truth is that I am. There have been times I have wished nothing but misfortune on certain things and people. In many other instances I have acted with total disdain and respite towards people and things. In retrospection, I wish I had acted differently. I reckon from experience that the emotional burden of carrying people in your heart far outweighs whatever justification or interim satisfaction there is for one could have for it. I will be the first to admit that it is quite tiring and exhausting to make a thing or someone the object of hate.


Put on the lens of love. We live in a world with so much hate; nations at war with each other, people struggling to outdo their fellow human and more. It’s a dog eat dog out there it seems but when we closely consider the whole arrangement it is quite clear that it is unsustainable. We need to embrace a higher philosophy and proposition rooted in love; seeing others the way God sees them because we are all a work in progress. The next time you feel the pot of hate brewing from within, take a minute to recite the words of Terence : I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me. Do one more thing : Put on the lens of love.


May you and I dwell in extravagant love that conquers all things.

Femi Oni

Femi’s overarching purpose is to inspire brands (individuals, organisations and nations) to unlock potentials to achieve sustainable growth and impact. His mission is to mentor 1000 brands in Africa and beyond by 2025.

Specialties and Interests: Business Model Design & Innovation, Visioning, Strategy Design & Execution, Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Branding, Operations Excellence, Process Modelling, Product Management, Productivity Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership (Startups), , Social Evangelism, Education, Sustainability, Cybernetics, Risk & Compliance.

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