Eulogy for Hammed Ajiboye

This post is dedicated to the cherished memory of the great Hammed Ajiboye A.K.A Roman (a dear friend and brother).


All of life is vanity; ostensible vanity.


Life is what happens between when we were born and when we finally breathe our last. For someone who is  fortunate to have an epitaph written on their tomb stone, a sentence or at most two or three is written to summarise a life well lived or otherwise.

Here lies the remains of…




The most important question we know is not when we were born, how long we lived (duration) or when we die. It is is how meaningful life was not just for us but for those we knew. A wise man also now no more once retorted that the most important part of our life is the big dash between when we were born and we cease to be mortals. How significant and meaningful will your dash be?


The grave we have been told is the wealthiest place on earth. So because of many unfulfilled dreams and unrealized potentials. The successful amongst us are those who at the expiration of their life would be said to have robbed the grave; having fully realised their potentials. It is on this wise that it becomes expedient to gain the wisdom therefore that duration is not as important as donation and that success is hardly the accomplishment of many things. It is quite possible and sad to be successful at the wrong things. Steve Jobs did say that death is the greatest teacher. He said of himself that “knowing that he would one day die was the greatest motivation for living his true life and not by dogma; the life set by people’s expectation of him”.


Since I heard about the passing of my very dear friend Hammed Ajiboye which is now over a month ago, I have been thinking more about my own humanity. Beyond the usual sorry feelings that follows the loss of a human being, just what would be said of me when I finally breathe my last? What would be the essence of my life? Would I have fulfilled what the purpose of my life was?


My first interaction with Hammed was on Twitter. Hammed had tweeted at me. His tweet read something like Please follow back @mcfoni. I followed back and my life was never the same. Oh! How Hammed was obsessed with life. He made so many connections. He loved writing; he wrote. Roman was a a beautiful writer. His command use of English and deep understanding of Yoruba was something to behold. Hammed was a lover of books and knew so much. I mean it. I am yet to meet anybody so knowledgeable like Hammed. He knew very weird things. I often fooled around with him that he knew too much. Hammed could not be contained. The energy in his soul was too much for his body. Hammed was a Chief of Rants. It was something I didn’t fully understand about him. He said any and everything on his Twitter page. If Hammed just finished eating a plate of Amala (Yam Flour) or he was yearning for it, he would tweet it. I would caution him to censor his thoughts but that often fell to deaf ears. Hammed would go on and on about his worries.


He had this amazing idealistic view on life which meant he was disappointed many times. His disappointments I dare say though were never strong enough to keep him down. For someone who was plagued with the severe Sickle Cell Syndrome, Hammed lived fully. He was curious about many things. He sought to know his maker. His desires and his dreams transcended. Hammed was lavish with praise. I often wondered what would made him deliver those deluge of accolades. He marveled at seemingly little things. He would respond to my rants with phrases like @Iamfemioni Baba o! @Iamfemioni too sabi! Such an amazing fellow. I met amazing people through Hammed. He was a master connector; an attribute he shared with God. Yes! Hammed was a Child of God just like us. His was a life lived with the service of others. He inspired me as much as I did to him. Today, I wish I had given more of my time and resources. However, instead of living in regrets of what could have been, I am determined to truly live. I will be more deliberate about life. While there is yet breath in me, I will go forward in the direction of my purpose. Sleep on Hammed Ajiboye. See you at the Lord’s Supper. Thank you for all you were; a friend indeed.


Femi Oni

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