Don’t marry your best friend. (Part 1)

Okay. I know I don’t have any experience on this subject and I won’t pretend I do. At the moment, I am still trying to figure out what exactly I need to do to attract the right mate. I am equally trying to be the right mate. I won’t lie that I don’t like weddings. I totally love them. I’m however weary of the rate of divorce. This may sound cliché since everybody seem to be bothered about this. My own bone of contention however, is not the rate of divorce but I am curious to know why?

Infidelity, incompatibility, selfishness and you hear “irreconcilable differences” ( a broad term for “I no dey do again”) are some of the reasons why couples path ways these days. What I cannot stomach though is the ready-made counsel you seem to hear. It goes like this: Marry your best friend!. This must be the most unintelligent counsel ever. So, the people who are divorced were never friends? Com’on! Seriously? Marry your best friend?
For all its worth, we may as well start taking Panadol as an anti-HIV drug. This is the biggest lie ever. Friendship is crucial for marriage to take place. There’s no denying that. I have discovered that people mean well when they say “Marry your best friend” but that statement is just too sweeping. If suddenly, there is a spike in the rate of divorce, we should not allow the devil import such a lousy theory into our faculties. It sounds very harmless but its just not right.
So what do we do about the rate of divorce? At the risk of committing the same crime of overgeneralizing, I will make my own sweeping statement by saying “Go back to the basics”. Yes! We must go back to the basics of marriage. Its not a human idea. Its a God idea. When you buy a product and something fundamentally wrong happens to that product, a wise consumer returns back to the manufacturer who knows the product better than even the so called “repairers”. No controversy intended. I will share my own thoughts on how I intend to find my future wife.

Femi Oni

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