Dear Holy Spirit

If the same spirit that was in Christ be in us, this same Spirit is able to quicken us.

Dear Comforter,

I wrote to Elohim a while ago. I am very sure you got to read that letter too. I know this because you and the Father are one with the Son. I have taken the liberty to do you this letter at this time. I acknowledge your work today in the world. Thanks for being a comfort to me and many others who have especially been ravaged by the many challenges today. Thanks for adopting us. Thanks for leading us still. Things could be worse than they are right now.

Before I speak you know so I won’t pretend that nothing is wrong. On my way to work this morning, I heard of another bomb explosion in the capital city of my Country. Scores were killed with several injured. We seem to have lost count. We are still waiting for the return or recovery of the 200 girls who were taken from Chibok. You know the coordinates of these places better than I or any GPS technology can define. Bring back our girls Lord. You are the only one who can do that now. Many more have since disappeared without records. Innocent lives are daily massacred by your children. Yes! The brute and the bigots are all children of the most high even though they may not know it. All helps has failed. Our tactics are ineffective. Our strategies have somersaulted. The odds are against us. Are you still for us?

Greater things we ought to do. So why are we so powerless? Why have we become victims in a land that is yours? The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell in it. Why is this noisome pestilence upon us? Is it our sins? The blood of Jesus blurts out every handwriting of the enemy. Why are we so weak? You are the Governor in this dispensation. Why has peace become so scarce? Men have become lovers of themselves. Why do we have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof? There is evil in the world today. That includes sanctuaries where everything is except you.

You are unquestionable. You bring to pass the will of the father. He loves us. Doesn’t he? He gave us his Son. Why would he then not freely give us everything that pertains to life and godliness. We are blessed (fortunate, fruitful and more). Why is the land bringing us torns and tissles? We should dominate. Why are we now beneath? I am confused. The leaders are also mostly clueless. You know these things. You know the solution(s) to our many woes. You do because you can teach us all things.

We need you more than we ever did. We really do. I pray thee, pour out on us your sons and daughters. Our old men and women too. Let us see visions (solutions). Let us dream dreams (hope). Speak through us (prophecy). Work through us. Restore unto us peace that surpass all understanding. Give us joy unspeakable. Heal our land as we humble ourselves to pray and turn from our wicked ways. Teach us to number our days as we apply our hearts to wisdom. We need you. Spirit of truth. You are not a dove. You are a person.

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Femi Oni

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