Dear Corporation (Conversation with 21st century businesses)

To reduce the purpose of a corporation to profit making is to permit the greatest tragedy ever.

Dear Corporation,

I celebrate your genius. The way you go about creating value for your esteemed stakeholders is something to commend. Your artful conversion of inputs into outputs through the science of process is wisdom to behold. You even give back to the society. Hmmmmm. That must sound like a WIN-WIN for you right? Or are you one of those who considers doing good an after thought? For these people, its all about the quarterly results and the comps. The corporate communications department has the blessing of the CEO and the Board to take care of CSR. (the lamest excuse for inaction ever). Please pardon my heavy choice of words. Hundreds will die today from hunger. Many more will pass into eternal abyss because we fail to act. This is not a blame game and I am not taking it out on you. No apologies.

If you don’t mind, I have a few thoughts I want to share with you. I crave your indulgence as some of the things I’ll say may come as routine. What I am saying is that you may have probably heard most of the stuff I am about to say. Nevertheless, I’ll say them. I’m thinking I should just list them so as not to belabor the points.

  1. Your competitor is not your intra-industry player. Your competitor are bands of pirates who will disrupt your industry.
  2. Your consolidated market share is not a reliable metric. You should consider a little more robustly.
  3. Don’t over flog your so called competitive advantage. Even, that is transient. Look outside your industry for inspiration.
  4. If you don’t cannibalize yourself, somebody else will surely do.
  5. There is nothing like “The Average Customer”. If you must be customer centric, do it the right way.
  6. Your BIG size is your greatest strength and your biggest weakness. Become agile. Embrace the spirit of Entrepreneurship.
  7. Quit being a “pipe” entity. Become a platform. Don’t know the difference? Take inspiration from . Think ecosystem.
  8. is greater than because vision commands provision. I dare you to embrace a “higher purpose”.
  9. A “higher purpose” is an unrepentant commitment to the pursuit of a mission that is selfless, altruistic and sustainable.
  10. What I’m saying in earnest is that, you owe the world a duty of care to make this place a better place cos its kinda messed up

Cheers to you, your owners, managers, employees, customers (I think you should truly put them first), regulators and the rest of us. Its time for you to be useful.

Femi Oni

Femi’s overarching purpose is to inspire brands (individuals, organisations and nations) to unlock potentials to achieve sustainable growth and impact. His mission is to mentor 1000 brands in Africa and beyond by 2025.

Specialties and Interests: Business Model Design & Innovation, Visioning, Strategy Design & Execution, Project Management, Change Management, Strategic Branding, Operations Excellence, Process Modelling, Product Management, Productivity Management, Entrepreneurial Leadership (Startups), , Social Evangelism, Education, Sustainability, Cybernetics, Risk & Compliance.