Extravagant Love

I am human, and nothing of that which is human is alien to me. –  Publius Terentius Afer   Love Over Hate. The antithesis of love is rightly hate. In hate culminates the totality of everything that love is not. The emotion that rises from within when we totally dislike or detest something or someone. […]

Eulogy for Hammed Ajiboye

This post is dedicated to the cherished memory of the great Hammed Ajiboye A.K.A Roman (a dear friend and brother).   All of life is vanity; ostensible vanity.   Life is what happens between when we were born and when we finally breathe our last. For someone who is  fortunate to have an epitaph written on their tomb […]

Buhari Beware!

Never equate motion to be progress (Peter Drucker) Tomorrow beckons. It is the dawn of a new day for the most populous black nation. Nigerians by the instrumentality of divine providence and human statemanship on the part of actors in its polity has averted a major disaster. It is very easy to take things for granted. […]