A short political history of Nigeria and other thoughts

According to Wikipedia, the geographical area now referred to as Nigeria was transferred to the British Government by the Royal Niger Company for the recorded sum of £865,000. This happened on 1 January, 1900. The familiar part is the amalgamation of the Southern and Northern protectorates which happened much later in 1914. The British Government thought it wise to bring Nigeria under a singular rule to aid administration. This decision was driven primarily by business interests. There is nothing strange about this. To think otherwise is to be naïve.

Nigeria is an artificial state; a creation of the British if you like. Our coming together was not borne out of a patriotic sentiment. This explains why we struggle to be one. There is nothing serendipitously national about Niger-Area. Those who have led us have succeeded in exploring to their own private advantage our heterogeneity and vast differences. One of those men once said (paraphrased) “Nigeria is a not a country. The elements that make up a nation; patriotism and brotherhood are lacking”.

This nation is in dire need of healing. Her soul is sick. We need a truly national dream- The Nigerian Dream. Such a dream require not necessarily a messianic leadership but one that is selfless. This country is pregnant with so much potentials. For a time like this, we need men and women who can rise above the petty and myopic allures of ethnicity and other parochial interests to fashion out a nation of goodwill. Men and women who will do WHATEVER it takes to build this nation.

There you have it. A short history of Nigeria and other thoughts. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Femi Oni

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