A great time to be alive.

A living dog is better than a dead lion.

Just when I thought I had overcome the knotty challenge of being able to title my posts, I realized that I’m not entirely out of the woods. I decided to settle for this title for want of a better one so please bear with me. Nevertheless, I mean every letter of it. It is a great time to be alive. I hope you have noticed my deliberate emphasis here but if you are yet to, now you do. While it is almost difficult to entirely say for sure that this profession is true, I hope that by the end of this piece, you can inspite of whatever you are going through or what is going through you, take a deep breathe and say with zestful hope “What a great time to be alive”!

A roll call of troubles.
Some of us cannot relate to it when people recount the many troubles they have gone through or are going through. Even when we hear the news or see gory pictures, we still can’t connect to their pains. This doesn’t mean we are insensitive or worst still plain mean. Consider the plight of parents whose teenage daughters were kidnapped from Chibok. What about those who lost their loved ones on the mysterious Malaysian Airlines plane? Shall we talk of the families who lost their sons and daughters during the unfortunate interview that was conducted by a Federal Agency?  A colleague of mine at work recounted how hired assassins killed his Uncle in his own car. He was not even a politician. The loss of a loved one is beyond words. The point here though is that the scores of evil that occur daily in our world has reached a massive scale and the velocity seems to be on the ascendancy. You don’t have to become a victim to feel this.

A promise unkept. A routine history.
There is nothing like being indifferent with all of what is happening around us. It is certainly not a wise thing to become an Ostrich. Blaming others especially those who are saddled with the responsibility of leading us seems to be a path of least resistance but it is hardly a prudent one. This is not an attempt to exonerate those who by reason of incompetence and greed fuel the embers of violence. Far from it. For such people, the mother earth shall judge accordingly. My empathy and goodwill goes to those who wish us well and are trying hard to stem the tide of evil and violence. These are men and women who esteem highly the path of honour. What has become obvious though is that they are equally confused. The arm of flesh cannot save. Wondering why the evil has become a stock in trade for many? Look no further than to the eternal enemy of man. Nothing in the news is new.  Perhaps it is time for us to ask the right questions. Questions like why is evil rising?

A choice for truth, beauty and good.
I am a strong proponent of data science and analytics where the argument that the truth lies in data is the holy grail. The analytics race suggests that if you look deeper, you will find the truth. Contrariwise, I also have enough sense in me to choose to believe in things I cannot see. Like believing a God I cannot see physically. Like believing that there are factors beyond my intellect. That the forces of Good and Evil are real. That the notion of God and Satan is true. That eternity is not a galactic concept but as sure as today. That there is a contention for the very soul of this earth and that of men. That the recent increase of evil is routine history and not unconnected to an impending end. That we are in the last days of the earth. I believe in Jesus Christ; the soon coming eternal king. I believe in the work of the Holy Spirit and his oneness with God.  I believe that today is a gift. That I can choose to live for God and for good. That I can choose to place my life in the able hands of an invincible God who knows the end from the beginning. That I can choose to live a life that edifies him. Today, I choose to know the truth. I make a choice to add beauty to everything around me and yes! I choose to see the good in everything.

It is a great time to be alive.

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